Religious Meaning and Background of Death

The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), recognized as one of the world's four living Buddhas, has said the following about death:.

  • "As a man of religion, I think death is a normal part of the process of life that we should accept as we live in this world.
  • Once you look death in the face, you realize that you cannot avoid death. Then, your reasons to worry about death disappear.
  • I consider death something like a change of clothing. It is not the ultimate end.
  • The moment of death is a time to call forth the most profound and rich inner experiences.
  • A zen master may be able to use the moment of death as a chance for spiritual enlightenment by becoming aware of the process of death through repetitive
    meditative practice.

There are many verses related to death in the Bible, for example, Ephesians

  • For it is light that makes all things visible just as it is written in Scriptures, "Wake up, o sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." Through this, we know that death the state of thein which the body is being alive and the soul is sleep.
  • Furthermore, the Apostle Paul said that only a person who dies with Christ Jesus and overcomes desire and attachment will know the route to meet Jesus, by saying "I face death every day" in the First Corinthians 15:31.

Kim Bo Rok, a Catholic priest, who has led a death retreat, explains the significance of the near-death experience as follows.

  • The near-death experience is a way to die with Christ.
  • All sinful things in the mind die through this experience.
  • We should die everyday and in every moment.
  • In this way, we get to revive ourselves everyday and in every moment.
  • Whenever you experience a little death, you get rewarded with a little revival.
  • In this way, we die with Christ and we resurrect with Christ.
  • Therefore, the love of God will be in place where sin is absent in my mind.
  • We live fulfilling the act of love, love. for our neighbors.

We are now in a new world era.
We hope to bring to the world a pure and sincere spirituality in this era of science, technology and materialism.
This pure and sincere spirituality is not limited to any particular religion. In its true form, religious faith and spirituality represent the sincere pursuit of the divine.
The spirituality of the near-death experience is found in the awareness of a greater existence that has created the universe and life. By recognizing that we are
meaningful parts of a greater existence, we can contribute to its evolution.